Design Studios

  • Jun252016

    Design Studio FS2016 | Emergent / Submergent Landscape Structures

    ▶ Forming a Park on Certosa Island to catch the tides of the Venetian Lagoon

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  • Jun262015

    Design Studio FS2015 | Flash Floods and Desert Claims

    The Architecture of New Resilient Settlements in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

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  • Jun252014

    Design Studio FS2014 | Beach Bank Basel

    Uncovering New Potential for the Klybeckinsel in Basel

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  • Jun252013

    Design Studio FS2013 | Designing the Plastic River

    Modeling the Cali Ciliwung Park in Jakarta

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  • Jun242012

    Design Studio FS2012 | Arcadian Thames

    Emerging Concepts of Nature for the Metropolitan Landscape

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  • Jun232011

    Design Studio FS2011 | Rising Waters, Shifting Lands

    The design of a changing Landscape

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