Elective Course FS2015 | Serendipity | Ice Desert Switzerland

Elective Course FS2015 | Serendipity | Ice Desert Switzerland
May 29, 2015 Luisa Overath


This elective course and thesis elective in the spring semester 2015 investigated the ice deserts of the swiss alps.


Robert Bösch


Prof. Christophe Girot, Johannes Rebsamen, Matthias Vollmer


Michael Beerli, Shalin Bhatt, Altair Cerda-Tirado, Devashree Dvivedi, Andrea Gonzalez-Palos, Camilla Gormsen, Dennis Häusler, Anna Hermann, Viktoriya Maleva, Shailaja Patel, Dhruvil Soni, Jean-Marc Stadelmann


Matthias Vollmer

Landscape Visuals

The landscape we live in was originally formed by glaciers, covering the complete surface of Switzerland. This time is long gone, today, their marks are still visible all over this country and it’s surroundings. But with the global warming not only the sea level will rise, but the ice will disappear. To understand todays landscape, we will travel back in time and visit a still existing glacier. We will move close to this colossus of ice and investigate it’s texture and surface, and it’s border with the surroundings. How can the use of different media grasp our viewpoint of this phenomena? What is the best way, to catch the power of a glacier in a picture and how can we expose the changing structure of this ice?

The glacier of Morteratsch will be our experimental field to try out two types of landscape recordings: We will take pictures with an large-format photo camera and develop it’s analog negatives. This will give us an idea, what it means to prepare a good shot without knowing immediately how it turns out. On the other hand, we will make Laser Scans and create a highly precise 3D Modell of our glacier, so we can combine pictures and videos thereafter.

Glacier Morteratsch – March 2015

Student Work: Michael Beerli & Dennis Häusler