Asynchronous Streams | Smart Geometry

Asynchronous Streams | Smart Geometry
September 9, 2012 jrebsame

(A)Synchronous Streams aims to develop alternative systems for urban site analysis which extend the act of collecting data about a location by utilizing low-cost helium balloons and UAV-based sensor networks operating from the ground level up to several hundred meters into the air.

Throughout the cluster working phase, an air sensor network will be created which provides a continuous data stream of 3D geolocated point cloud information as well as related ambient sensor data which is not typically visible to our naked eye. The diverging data sets shall be reconstructed live in order to generate new means of site interpretation and iterative potential for intervention. This emphasis on data collection, interpretation, and manipulation is a direct reaction to the perceived risk posed by a ‘limited’ and uncertain understanding of site, in which designers react predominantly to existing physical features, and culturally based design goals. The conceptual depth of the ‘conventional’ site visit is called into question. Alternative methods for site recognition form the context of this exercise, extending beyond the role of understanding into projective spatial design. Emphasis will be focused on applications which simultaneously serve to represent the data we will be gathering as well as provide design tools to study possible application.

The cluster content has since been included in the peer-reviewed paper ‘Ambient Terrain’ at the eCAADe 2013 conference in Delft, NL.


James Melsom, Alexandre Dubor (IAAC), Luis Fraguada (IAAC), Felipe Pecegueiro do Amaral Curado


Smart Geometry 2013


A Sensory Workshop

Interview regarding the Asynchronous Streams Workshop, lead by James Melsom (Prof. Girot, ETHZ), Luis Fraguada (IaaC), and Alexandre Dubor (IaaC), as part of the SmartGeometry 2013 Conference held at the Bartlet, in London. Filmed by Marc Webb.