Pamphlet 20 | Delta Dialogues 

Pamphlet 20 | Delta Dialogues 
May 20, 2017 Fujan Fahmi

Prof. Christophe Girot, Susann Ahn, Isabelle Fehlmann, Lara Mehling


Susann Ahn, Judith Albert, Ellen Braae, Isabelle Fehlmann, Christophe Girot, Anuradha Mathur, Lara Mehling, Catherine Mosbach, Jane Wolff


15.0 x 23.0 cm
Euro 22.00  sFr 22.00
ISBN 978-3-85676-368-8


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Delta landscapes are difficult to define. These murky territories require a careful reading, and the analysis of a site caught between land and water calls for more than a mapping project to understand its complex bounds, so often drawn in fictional lines. This issue of Pamphlet proposes that, as landscape architects, we must thoroughly investigate the medium by innovating our design methods, strategies, processes, and tools to gain a literacy of place, which like the delta itself, embraces multiple threads and a constantly changing course. Delta Dialogues discusses site-reading methods that teach us to read between these rigid lines.