MAS LA 2007-2008

MAS LA 2007-2008
January 1, 2007 jrebsame


Best of MAS LA 2007-2008 with Christophe Girot and Sébastien Marot

The student work featured in the Upper Rhine Delta publication represents the culmination of the one-year Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture (MAS LA) program of ETH Zurich. The program in 07/08 was concerned with the area around the Rhine Delta of the Lake of Constance.

The master program is divided into two main areas: the design studio and the theory seminar. The perception of landscape through video and the use of film as both an analytical and representational tool is integrated in both areas to the same degree. Next to the conceptual structure of the program, the heterogeneous composition of the participants comprises an integral component of the didactic concept. The twelve students from 10 different countries bring exciting aspects as well as perspectives into their work arising from their different cultural and educational back-grounds.

The documentation begins with the presentation of concrete strategies developed in the design studio for redesigning the area of the Rhine Delta on the Lake of Constance. The work was completed individually as well as within teams. The students were challenged to address global as well as local economic and sociological concerns and integrate them into their design. In addition, a one-week workshop under the leadership of landscape architect Maike van Stiphout expanded the studio’s scope. The theory seminar focused on strategies for developing concepts next to the study of contemporary and historical landscape architecture. The design studio and theory seminar were completed, both in terms of content as well as technical know-how, through a ‘Toolkit’. The Toolkit was comprised of the Fieldtrips, the video laboratory, and the use of 3D modelling and visualization techniques.

Switching Trajectories | a project by Matanya Sack & Liesl Vanautgaerden
Sub-Rhine Delta Hybrid | a project by Ging Gal Metchanun
INTENSE:SCAPES | a project by Carolin Fickinger

Theory Seminar | Guest Professor Sébastien Marot
Video Lab | Teaching by Susanne Hofer
Fieldtrips | Teaching by Jacqueline Parish