MAS LA: Final Presentation of Module 3

MAS LA: Final Presentation of Module 3
February 25, 2013 jrebsame

MAS LA module 4: Programming Landscape


The module’s final project was to paint a map using the programming language processing. The students were given four layers of information of their final synthesis design site: height, shading, streets and river. Each layer is a PNG pixel image. While height and shading are represented in greyscale, streets and river are simple color markers.Using this information layers, the students were setting up a program painting a new map setting a new focus point

Here are the great results of our students:

by Marina Tsintzeli & Tania Kaushal

by Wolfgang Novak & Tasos Roidis

by Silke Hartmann & Karol Kruk

by Enise Karacizmeli & Georgios Orfanopoulos

by Ioulitta Stavridi & Karolina Katsabi

by Anna Walewska & Claudia Aracci