Elective Course FS2016 | Delta Dialogues

Elective Course FS2016 | Delta Dialogues
March 29, 2016 Luisa Overath


In this elective course students explored creative site-reading techniques with female innovators in art and design.


Judith Albert, Ellen Braae, Catherine Mosbach, Anuradha Mother, Jane Wolff


Prof. Christophe Girot, Susann Ahn, Isabelle Fehlmann, Lara Mehling


Thomas Benninger, Stéphane Deweck, Maged El-Sadek, Azadeh Karimi, David Koehn, Romain Kündig, Maurus Leuthold, Maurijn Rouwet, Janine Umiker, Efekan Vitallowitz, Sylea Von-Stokar-Sielentz

Pamphlet Serie

Pamphlet 20 – Delta Dialogues


Isabelle Fehlmann

Learning from Female Innovators in Art and Design

In the FS 2016 elective course “Topology” students will explore creative site-reading techniques with female innovators in art and design. The topic of investigation will be delta landscapes. As dynamic systems that defy the separation of water and soil, deltas present challenging sites for the design disciplines. To address this topic, the Chair has invited five internationally recognized, female landscape architects, architects, and artists whose professional and academic work considers amphibious territories.

Each of the guests has in her own way demonstrated a reconciliation of site and text, practice and research, employing text as an active and innovative method for site-analysis and design. Through a lecture series and a day-long workshop, the seminar will present students with the unique opportunity to enter into a personal dialogue with these professionals.

Teaser Elective Course ‘Delta Dialogues’ – 2016