Elective Course HS2015 | Serendipity | Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens

Elective Course HS2015 | Serendipity | Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens
October 29, 2015 Luisa Overath


This elective course developed a practice of sonic gardening, inspired by aesthetics and techniques of traditional Japanese gardens.

Philippine Radat, Shimpei Terada, Claartje Vuurmans, Akito Yoshinaka


Prof. Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Nadine Schütz, Matthias Vollmer


Arnaud Andrier, Amalia Bonsack, Adrien Comte, Olivier Faber, Alexandre Figueiredo-Canario, Morrison Fiorito-Camillo, Samuel Galmiche, Nanase Ikeda, Azadeh Karimi, Omar Khaledi, Elena Lurati, Adele Pietrini,


Ludwig Berger

Landscape Acoustics

Landscape is all about the senses – we see, smell, feel and hear it at the same time. In this fall semester we will focus on the acoustic dimension of landscape. With ears wide open, we will analyse and discuss, then remodel and recompose landscapes exclusively through sound. How do we transform acoustic information to perceived space and how can we shape our spatial experience by means of sound? Inspired by aesthetics and techniques of traditional Japanese gardens, we want to develop a practice of sonic gardening. We will collect sonic representations of Japanese design elements in Zurich’s public spaces and ‘plant’ them virtually into the acoustic environment of gardens in Kyoto, rearranging the existing auditory spaces and creating new imaginary landscapes.

Through these sonic interventions, we want to explore different strategies of spatial design: How can we create a sonic place of expression, evocation or contemplation? How can we balance diverse elements in a collective space? How can we establish a relationship to a given scenery of a unknown place?Working with field recording, audio editing and surround rendering, our answers to these questions will again be sonic, in form of three-dimensional sound maps and virtual sound walks through our remodelled gardens.

Video Teaser ‘Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens’ – 2015