Seminar Week FS2017 | Acoustic Architecture in Corsica

Seminar Week FS2017 | Acoustic Architecture in Corsica
March 17, 2017 Luisa Overath

Corsica, France  / 17. – 26. March 2017

We will explore the vernacular stone architecture of Corsica with its deeply rooted, vivid relationship to landscape, sound and tradition. Through on-site acoustic experiments, soundwalks, and workshops with local experts, we will investigate the sonic, haptic and social dimensions of a range of building types and construction methods – from the primitive hut to modernist architecture-sculpture objects, from the medieval citadel to the contemporary urban structure of Bastia. By circumnavigating the island, we will sense how varying rock types affect the acoustics of architecture, and how sound and resonance define social spaces in the diverse landscapes of Corsica.


– Soundwalks
– Sound recording and experimental playback with speakers on site
– Traditional singing workshop in indoor/outdoor spaces
– Comparing Church Acoustics with polyphonic Confraternity
– Presentation of traditional Corsican instruments
– Field sketching (architecture, urban/rural spaces and settings, views)
– Collecting material samples and developing a texture palette
– Rock hunting through photographs and sketches
– Meetings with young Corsican architects
– Hiking tour


Prof. Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Lara Mehling


Yvo Corpataux, Masahiro Gokita, Marion Hangartner, Niti Malik, Vasiliki Papadimitriou, Anja Schelling, Mara Simone, Elisa Studer,Miriam  Wuffli, Max Grünig


Ludwig Berger