FINAL CRITIQUE | Seeland Rivages

FINAL CRITIQUE | Seeland Rivages
May 22, 2020 Fujan Fahmi


Landscape Architecture Design Studio Spring 2020


Wednesday, May 26, 2020

ETH Zoom Webinar [virtual] 14:00h – 19:00h


The semester is coming to an end and we are excited to announce the Final Critique of the “Seeland Rivages” design studio. Please join us to learn about potential new flood infrastructures for Switzerland’s Jura lake region, a water catchment area for nearly a quarter of the country. Students will share their proposals for new strategic and complex networks of water filtration and accumulation structures aimed at mitigating the flooding problems while improving local living conditions.


Michel Desvigne, Landscape Architect based in Paris, France

Rosetta S. Elkin, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, USA

Kelly Shannon, Professor of Urbanism and Landscape, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium


Professor Christophe Girot
Chair of Landscape Architecture
ETH Zurich

Julian Fischbacher
Magdalena Kaufmann
Benedikt Kowalewski
Lara Mehling

Werner Könitzer
Bernhard Schudel


Marco Busarello, Siyi Dai, Tina Ewald, Sandro Fischer, Mario Kalberer, Michael Krummenacher, Joel Mariethod, Philip Meile, Serena Neuenschwander, Fabio Neuhaus, David Riedo, Sacha Stettler, Julia Tary, Dylan Torri, Jingfan Xue, Michael Zuber.