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  • Jun192017
    Dieter Kienast-PHD-A.Freytag-ETH LA Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Dieter Kienast

    Designing Nature. About the work of Swiss Landscape Architect Dieter Kienast (1945-1998)

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  • Jun182017
    Dissertation Sabine Wolf The urban landscape in the films of the Berlin School Prof Girot

    Representation of Urban Landscapes Through Film

    The aesthetization of the imaginary – Representation of Urban Landscapes in Berlin Through Film

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  • Jun182017
    Garten des Poeten-PhD-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Swiss Garden Expositions between Art and Ecology

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  • Jun172017
    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture Landscape Architecture Theory Chair Prof Girot Fred Truniger

    Filmic Mapping

    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture

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  • Jan190201
    Gustav Ammann-Cramer-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Gustav Ammann

    Modernist Landscapes in Switzerland

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