Author archive for Fujan Fahmi

  • Jun202015

    Pamphlet 19 | Field Instruments of Design  

    This issue of Pamphlet argues that it is impossible to design landscapes without a thorough knowledge of field instruments.

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  • May032015

    Rockefeller Foundation Project

    • 3.03.2015 | Guest Lecture by Guy Nordenson

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  • Apr282015

    Lecture by Gerd Burla

    • 28.04.2015 | Guest Lecture by Gerd Burla

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  • Mar042015

    Outpost: Staking Claim in the American Desert

    • 4.03.2015 | Guest Lecture by Emily Eliza Scott

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  • Nov012014

    La Biennale di Venezia | Collateral Event

    • 2014 | 14th International Architecture Exhibition | La Biennale di Venezia

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  • Nov042013

    Evening Talks on Landscape

    • 2011- 2013 | Talks

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  • Oct182013

    Landscript 3 | Topology

    Documentary Film and the Visual Culture of Landscape Architecture

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  • Oct042013

    First Decade of MAS LA | MAS LA 2012-13

    • 2013 | Exhibition | ETHZ

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  • Jul172013

    BEST OF MAS LA 2012-13 | “Reuss Valley”

    “Reuss Valley”

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  • Jun252013

    Design Studio FS2013 | Designing the Plastic River

    Modeling the Cali Ciliwung Park in Jakarta

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  • Jun202013

    Pamphlet 18 | Miszellen zur Landschaft  

    With the “Miszellen zur Landschaft”, the series Pamphlet cultivates the discourse around a strong leitmotig.

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  • Jun202013

    Pamphlet 17 | Mensch und Baum   

    What contribution can audiovisual media make to the recognition and design of the “tree experience”?

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