Author archive for Fujan Fahmi

  • Aug122018

    Master’s Thesis Assistance HS 2018

    Master Arbeit | Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur

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  • Jul192018

    Mapping Power

    Transformation and Reterritorialization of Landscape on the Jordan River Valley

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  • Jul112018

    Globe Magazine | Sweating for a cooler Singapore

    ▶ 11.07.2018 | Article | Globe Magazine ETH

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  • Jul102018

    The Past is Present

    • 6.04.2018 | Workshop | Point Cloud Surveying and Virtual Reality | UC Berkeley

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  • Jun112018

    ETH MAS LA | Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture Design Simulation | Archive 2003 – 2016

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  • Jun022018

    NSL | Network City and Landscape


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  • May192018

    Audio Visual Publication Melting Landscapes

    Sight and Sound observations of the Morteratsch Glacier

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  • May182018

    Melting Landscapes

    • 14-18.05.2018 | Exhibition | Main Hall ETH Zentrum

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  • May162018

    Melting Landscapes

    • 16.05.2018 | Symposium

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  • Mar282018

    Vegetation strategies for a tropical city

    • 28.03.2018 | Guest Lecture by Peter Edwards

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  • Mar132018

    Singapore “City in the Garden”

    • 13.03.2018 | Guest Lecture by Kees Christiaanse

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  • Feb212018

    Pamphlet Series

    Pamphlet is the title of an annual publication series that publishes the results from the teaching and research of the Chair of Professor Girot.

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