Author archive for Fujan Fahmi

  • May202017

    Pamphlet 20 | Delta Dialogues 

    This issue of Pamphlet proposes that, as landscape architects, we must thoroughly investigate the medium by innovating our design methods, strategies, processes, and tools to gain a literacy of place, which like the delta itself, embraces multiple threads and a constantly changing course.

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  • Apr122017

    The Adaptive Nature of COntemporary Reuse

    • 12.04.2017 | Guest Lecture by Julia Czweniak

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  • Feb112017

    Master’s Thesis Assistance HS 2013 – FS 2017

    Master Arbeit | Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur | Archive

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  • Oct192016

    Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

    A 17-essay collection on contemporary landscape

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  • Jul122016

    BEST OF MAS LA 2013-14 | “Linth Valley”

    “Linth Valley”

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  • May192016

    The Course of Landscape Architecture

    A History of our Designs on the Natural World

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  • Jan192016

    Dieter Kienast

    A critical examination Kienast’s unrealized work, its design approach and its theoretical positions.

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  • Jul122015

    BEST OF MAS LA 2015-16 | “Lakeshore Zurich”

    “Lakeshore Zurich”

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  • Jun202015

    Pamphlet 19 | Field Instruments of Design  

    This issue of Pamphlet argues that it is impossible to design landscapes without a thorough knowledge of field instruments.

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  • May032015

    Rockefeller Foundation Project

    • 3.03.2015 | Guest Lecture by Guy Nordenson

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  • Apr282015

    Lecture by Gerd Burla

    • 28.04.2015 | Guest Lecture by Gerd Burla

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  • Mar042015

    Outpost: Staking Claim in the American Desert

    • 4.03.2015 | Guest Lecture by Emily Eliza Scott

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