Landscape Architecture II

Lecture Series ‘Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’
January 28, 2021 Myriam Uzor

Lecture Series ‘Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’

The lecture series begins on February 25th, 2022. Please join us for the lecture Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’.

The lectures are held in German and take place every Friday, 8:00–9:35am in HIL E3. We are looking forward to a productive and inspiring semester.

Read more about our lecture series ‘Landscape Architecture I+II’. 

Here you can find further Information about the Exams in Landscape Architecture I+II.

Complementary to this lecture series, Professor Christophe Girot’s book The Course of Landscape Architecture is now available.


Myriam Uzor




Landscape Architecture II, Spring Semester

25.02.22 – V01

Terrain Vague – Handout

04.03.22 – V02

Ländlichkeit – Handout

11.03.22 – V03

Wasser und Boden – Handout

18.03.22 – V04

Klima und Vegetation – Handout

25.03.22  No Lecture – Seminar Week

01.04.22 – V05

Ökologie und Politik – Handout

08.04.22 – V06

Autonomie und Arbeit – Handout

15.04.22  No Lecture – Spring Break

22.04.22  No Lecture – Spring Break 

29.04.22 – V07

Landschaft und Infrastruktur – Handout

06.05.21 – V08

Konkretheit und Haltung – Handout

13.05.22 – V09

Topologie – Handout

20.05.22 – V10

Lebendigkeit – Handout