A Heap Of Language

A Heap Of Language
September 14, 2018 Fujan Fahmi

Seminar on Robotic Landscapes

The seminar “A Heap of Language” is part of the Robotic Landscapes design studio of Professor Christophe Girot, Chair of Landscape Architecture and of Professor Fabio Gramazio and Professor Matthias Kohler, Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication that will run this fall at the ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture.

The site of the 2017 landslide of Cengalo in Bondo, Grisons has been chosen as the object of study for this design studio. Innovative robotic and topological modeling methods are used to shape and displace formless heterogeneous material into more resilient landscape structures that can withstand the forces of rivers and future events.

During this seminar, various experts on digital fabrication, robotic systems, mechanics of debris flows and rock avalanches, disaster risk management, hydrology and landscape architectural design will present their work in relation to the recent events in Bondo.

25 September 2018

ETH Zürich HIB Open Space 2
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 1
CH-8093 Zürich


Design Studio | Robotic Landscapes I

Design Studio | Robotic Landscapes II


Ilmar Hurkxkens


Prof. Paolo Burlando | Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, ETH Zurich

Prof. Christophe Girot |Chair of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich

Prof. Fabio Gramazio | Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Ilmar Hurkxkens | PhD Researcher, Chair of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich

Dominic Jud | PhD Researcher, Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich

Dr. Andrew Kos | CEO Terrasense

Dr. Brian McArdell | Scientific Staff Member, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

Dr. Ammar Mirjan | Senior Researcher, Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Prof. Peter Molnar | TP at the Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, ETH Zurich


Great thanks to all the participating students and guests!