• Jan202008

    Pamphlet 9 | The Picturesque – Synthese im Bildhaften 


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  • Jun202007

    Pamphlet 8 | Landscapes Abused

    Pamphlet 8 investigates the development of contemporary landscapes as products of political conflicts and econ­omic hegemonies.

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  • Jan202007

    Pamphlet 7 | Waterscapes 

    Waterways between Infrastructure Landscape and Event Landscape

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  • Sep192006

    Zeitgeist Berlin Invalidenpark

    An old military park of 3 hectares located in Berlin Mitte was redesigned as one the first new public open space between East and West Berlin.

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  • Jun032006

    Pamphlet 6 | Der Stadtpark 

    Die in Pamphlet 6 vorgelegte Geschichte des öffentlichen Parks versucht diesen besonderen Raum in seiner Vielgestaltigkeit zu zeigen.

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  • Jun032005

    Pamphlet 5 | Designing Unique Landscapes

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  • Apr022005

    Pamphlet 4 | Landschaft und Szenografie

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  • Mar022005

    Pamphlet 3 | Bomarzo. Beobachtungen anhand einer neuen Karte

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  • Feb022005

    Pamphlet 2 | Kaserne Esplanade

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  • Jan012005

    Pamphlet 1 | Aux Alpes, Citoyens! Alpiner Mythos und Landschaftsarchitektur

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