Landscript Series

Landscript Series
January 19, 2018 sahn

Christophe Girot, Albert Kirchengast


Annemarie Bucher, ZHdK Zürich
Elena Cogato Lanza, EPF Lausanne
Stanislaus Fung, UNSW Sydney
Dorothée Imbert, Washington University in St. Louis
Hansjörg Küster, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Sébastien Marot, Ecole d’Architecture Marne-la-Vallee, Paris
Volker Pantenburg, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Alessandra Ponte, Université de Montréal
Christian Schmid, ETH Zürich
Ralph Ubl, Universität Basel
Charles Waldheim, Harvard GSD
Kongjian Yu, Peking University

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Landscript – a publication on landscape aesthetics

“Landscript” is a publication on landscape aesthetics inviting authors from different disciplines to invest some thought on established modes of perceiving, representing, and conceiving nature.

Anchored at the Chair of Landscape Architecture of Professor Christophe Girot at the ETH in Zurich, it is steered by an editorial board comprised of distinguished international experts from various fields of visual studies, landscape design research, as well as philosophy. The publication warrants excellence in theory and acts as a revelator of conventional perceptions of landscape.


The goal of “Landscript” is to cultivate the debate on landscape aesthetics at a scholarly level. It will examine what conceptual tools are at our disposal to transcend the banal deductive commentary of landscape analysis we have grown accustomed to and discuss these issues openly and critically by focusing on the way we actually think, look, and act upon landscape sites and nonsites today.As a discussion platform for the contemporary aesthetics of landscape, “Landscript” will rekindle a theoretical debate that has been seriously lagging behind in the present visual and environmental revolution