Pamphlet 22 | Rift

Pamphlet 22 | Rift
September 28, 2018 Fujan Fahmi

Prof. Christophe Girot, Ben Gitai, David Iselin, Lara Mehling


Nicola Abé, Gidon Bromberg, Mira Edelstein, Christophe Girot, Ben Gitai, Ye’ela Gundar, Ita Heinze-Greenberg, Racquelle Ramirez, Matanya Sack, Hanna Schygulla, Michael Thoma, Philipp Urech


15.0 x 23.0 cm
Euro 22.00  sFr 22.00
ISBN 978-3-85676-388-6


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Rift: 7.5 Views on the Jordan Valley brings together the manifold vectors that crisscross the valley: watercourses, borderlines, warpaths, power lines, surveillance sightlines. Seen collectively, these vectors form a rhizomatous network of socio-political forces—physical, political, psychological—which spans the rift like a spider’s web.

Asia, Africa, and Europe meet where tectonic plates pull apart. In this interval of continents lies the Jordan River Valley, a region defined as much by conflict as by confluence. This issue of Pamphlet highlights the different understandings of terrain and territory that once defined and continue to reinforce this interstitial landscape in a series of perspectives.