• Jun202013

    Pamphlet 17 | Mensch und Baum   

    What contribution can audiovisual media make to the recognition and design of the “tree experience”?

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  • May282013

    Elective Course FS2013 | Landschaften der Moderne

    Nature Aesthetics from the 18th century to the present

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  • Mar282013

    Elective Course FS2013 | Landscape Element ‘Belvedere’

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Belvedere in the City

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  • Mar202013

    Seminar Week FS2013 | Designing the Plastik River

    ▶ Jakarta, Singapore  / 15. – 24. March 2013

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  • Jan182013

    Landscript 2 | Filmic Mapping

    Documentary Film and the Visual Culture of Landscape Architecture

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  • Dec062012

    Elective Course HS2012 | Singapore Images of Territory

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Tree in the City

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  • Oct282012

    Elective Course HS2012 | Landscape Element ‘Tree’ II

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Tree in the City

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  • Oct172012


    Landscript   Landscript is a publication on landscape aesthetics, inviting authors from different disciplines to invest thought in established modes…

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  • Oct052012

    DAM Architectural Book Award 2012

    ▶ 2012 | Deutsches Architekturmuseum‘s DAM Architectural Book Award

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  • Sep102012

    Topology | The Forming of Landscape

    • 11-13.10.2012 | Symposium

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  • Jun282012

    Elective Course FS2012 | Constructing the Landscape

    Experiments in Landscape Modulations

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  • Jun242012

    Design Studio FS2012 | Arcadian Thames

    Emerging Concepts of Nature for the Metropolitan Landscape

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