• Oct192016

    Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

    A 17-essay collection on contemporary landscape

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  • Oct062016

    Unravelling the Digital Landscape

    ▶ 13.03.2018 | Lecture | Christophe Girot | Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) Montreal

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  • Aug142016
  • Jun252016

    Design Studio FS2016 | Emergent / Submergent Landscape Structures

    ▶ Forming a Park on Certosa Island to catch the tides of the Venetian Lagoon

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  • May292016

    Elective Course FS2016 | Serendipity | Breaking Ice

    ▶ Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • May192016

    The Course of Landscape Architecture

    A History of our Designs on the Natural World

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  • Mar292016

    Elective Course FS2016 | Delta Dialogues

    ▶ Learning from Female Innovators in Art and Design

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  • Mar212016

    Seminar Week FS2016 | Zürich_Tracks

    ▶ Zürich, Switzerland  / 14. – 18. March 2016

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  • Feb282016

    Gotthard Landscape | The Unexpected View

    • 31.10.2015 – 28.02.2016 | Exhibition | “Filmbau” S AM Basel

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  • Jan192016

    Dieter Kienast

    A critical examination Kienast’s unrealized work, its design approach and its theoretical positions.

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  • Nov292015

    Elective Course HS2015 | Decomposing Röntgenplatz

    ▶ Investigating a new urban Landscape Proposal in Zurich

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  • Nov052015

    Exchange MediaLab – KIT (Kyoto Tec)

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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