Author archive for Luisa Overath

  • Aug222017

    FS V09 “Water and Ground”

    ▶ 14.05.2021 | Christophe Girot

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  • Aug202017

    FS V10 “Landscape and Art”

    ▶ 21.05.2021 | Christophe Girot

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  • Jun262017

    Design Studio FS2017 | Magadino Plane

    ▶ Folding an Airport Landscape between River and Lake

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  • May212017

    Lecture Series ‘Landscape Architecture’

    Lecture Series ‘History and Theory of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture’ (Landscape Architecture I), Autumn Semester Lecture Series ‘Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’ (Landscape Architecture II), Spring Semester.

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  • Mar172017

    Seminar Week FS2017 | Acoustic Architecture in Corsica

    ▶ Corsica, France  / 17. – 26. March 2017

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  • Oct292016

    Elective Course HS2016 | Scales of Power

    ▶The Jordan River Project in Naharayim and the Architecture of Erich Mendelsohn

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  • Jun252016

    Design Studio FS2016 | Emergent / Submergent Landscape Structures

    ▶ Forming a Park on Certosa Island to catch the tides of the Venetian Lagoon

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  • May292016

    Elective Course FS2016 | Serendipity | Breaking Ice

    ▶ Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • Mar292016

    Elective Course FS2016 | Delta Dialogues

    ▶ Learning from Female Innovators in Art and Design

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  • Mar212016

    Seminar Week FS2016 | Zürich_Tracks

    ▶ Zürich, Switzerland  / 14. – 18. March 2016

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  • Nov292015

    Elective Course HS2015 | Decomposing Röntgenplatz

    ▶ Investigating a new urban Landscape Proposal in Zurich

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  • Oct292015

    Elective Course HS2015 | Serendipity | Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens

    ▶ Landscape Acoustics

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