Posts tagged with ‘LANDSCAPE THEORY’

  • Feb212018

    Pamphlet Series

    Pamphlet is the title of an annual publication series that publishes the results from the teaching and research of the Chair of Professor Girot.

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  • Jan192018

    Landscript Series


    Landscript – a publication on landscape aesthetics

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  • Nov202017

    Pamphlet 21 | Sampling Kyoto Gardens 

    Can we evoke a sense of garden through audiovisual samples?

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  • Oct222017

    Seminar Week HS2017 | The Monster in the Garden

    Italy  / 22. – 28. October 2017

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  • Oct192017

    Landscript 5 | Material Culture

    Assembling and Disassembling Landscapes

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  • Oct192017

    Landscript 4 | Nature Modern

    The Place of Landscape in the Modern Movement

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  • Oct032017

    Earth Gods: urbanism and landscape in the Anthropocene

    ▶ 10.10.2017 | Guest Lecture by Richard Weller

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  • Sep222017

    HS V01 “Roots: Ursprünge der Landschaft”

    ▶ 18.09.2020 | Christophe Girot

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  • Sep202017

    HS V02 “Oasen in der Wüste: Gärten der hydraulischen Zivilisationen”

    ▶ 25.09.2020 | Christophe Girot

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  • Sep192017

    HS V03 “Temenos und Physis: Die Erfindung der Natur”

    ▶ 02.10.2020 | Christophe Girot

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  • Sep182017

    HS V04 “Die geordnete Welt. Territorien der Römer”

    ▶ 09.10.2020 | Annemarie Bucher

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  • Sep162017

    HS V06 “Vollendung der Natur. Gärten der Renaissance”

    ▶ 30.10.2020 | Christophe Girot

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