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  • May282019

    Theodor & Otto Froebel. Gartenkultur in Zürich im 19. Jahrhundert

    Claudia Moll traces the work of Theodor and Otto Froebel, two pioneers of the flourishing Swiss garden culture of the 19th century, who built up a worldwide trading network with a rich assortment of rare plants.

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  • Feb272019

    Pamphlet 23 | Auf Abwegen

    Walking the same paths day by day, we cease to be aware of our surroundings. This issue of Pamphlet intentionally leads readers afield in an attempt to subvert this tendency—finding new perspectives in familiar territory.

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  • Sep282018

    Pamphlet 22 | Rift

    Views on the Jordan Valley 

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  • Sep142018

    From Garden Art to Landscape Architecture. Traditions, Re-Evaluations, and Future Perspectives

    • 15.10.2018 | Symposium | Professor Christophe Girot discussed the Notion of Artist, Designer or Both – Self-Reflections on the Work and the Profession at the Herrenhausen Symposium in Hannover.

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  • Jun012018

    Topology: Thinking About Ground in Landscape Architecture

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  • May292018

    Ways of Walking

    This research and teaching project examines the relation between existing path systems and the creative possibilities of the walking subject in the context of landscape architecture and urban development.

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  • May192018

    Audio Visual Publication Melting Landscapes

    Sight and Sound observations of the Morteratsch Glacier

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  • May162018

    Melting Landscapes

    • 16.05.2018 | Symposium

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  • Feb212018

    Pamphlet Series

    Pamphlet is the title of an annual publication series that publishes the results from the teaching and research of the Chair of Professor Girot.

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  • Jan192018

    Landscript Series


    Landscript – a publication on landscape aesthetics

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  • Nov202017

    Pamphlet 21 | Sampling Kyoto Gardens 

    Can we evoke a sense of garden through audiovisual samples?

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  • Oct222017

    Seminar Week HS2017 | The Monster in the Garden

    Italy  / 22. – 28. October 2017

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