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  • Feb052019

    Elective Course FS2019 | Serendipity | Deflecting Landscapes

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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  • Aug142018

    Elective Course HS2018 | Serendipity | How to unlearn the City

    ▶ Invent practices to open your ears, displace your gaze and expose yourself to
    the urban landscape.

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  • May162018

    Melting Landscapes

    • 16.05.2018 | Symposium

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  • Apr162018

    Elective Course FS2018 | Serendipity | Streams of Retention

    ▶ Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • Nov222017


    • 17.11.2017 | Sound Performance | AudioVisual Lab ETHZ

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  • Nov202017

    Pamphlet 21 | Sampling Kyoto Gardens 

    Can we evoke a sense of garden through audiovisual samples?

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  • Jul192017

    Elective Course HS2017 | | Serendipity | If These Walls Could Talk

    Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • Jun202017

    The Acoustic Dimension

    Studies on the Perception and Implementation of Landscape Acoustics

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  • Jun182017
    Dissertation Sabine Wolf The urban landscape in the films of the Berlin School Prof Girot

    Representation of Urban Landscapes Through Film

    The aesthetization of the imaginary – Representation of Urban Landscapes in Berlin Through Film

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  • Jun172017
    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture Landscape Architecture Theory Chair Prof Girot Fred Truniger

    Filmic Mapping

    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture

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  • Mar172017

    Seminar Week FS2017 | Acoustic Architecture in Corsica

    ▶ Corsica, France  / 17. – 26. March 2017

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  • Jan242017

    Elective Course FS2017 | Serendipity | Ice Light Void

    Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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