Posts tagged with ‘Topology’

  • Dec132019

    Elective Course FS2020 | Topology | “draw a map to get lost”

    In this elective, we aim to question cartographic representations by creating a map that challenges our sense of orientation.

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  • Aug022019

    Elective Course HS2019 | Topology | Absent Bridges

    A topological Analysis through Point Cloud Modelling

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  • Jan292019

    Elective Course FS2019 | Topology | On Detours

    For once, we are not taking the most direct route in this elective.

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  • Jun032018

    Landscape Topology: Digital Landscape Design and Analysis based on Pointcloud Modelling Technology

    ▶ Research in Technology and Landscape Perception

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  • Jun012018

    Topology: Thinking About Ground in Landscape Architecture

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  • May292018

    Ways of Walking

    This research and teaching project examines the relation between existing path systems and the creative possibilities of the walking subject in the context of landscape architecture and urban development.

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  • May012018

    Gotthard Landscape | The Unexpected View

    ▶ Exploring Landscape Myths and Technology – Encyclopaedia of infrastructure buildings of the Gotthard region and their implications on landscape changes since 1850

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  • Jan212018

    Elective Course HS2018 | Topology | Walks into the Unknown

    With the aid of old maps, aerial photographs and experimental dérives, one can draw up hitherto lacking maps of influences, maps whose inevitable imprecision at this early stage is no worse than that of the first navigational charts.

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  • Aug012017

    Elective Course HS2017 | Topology | Walled Waters

    Examining the Topology of the Schanzengraben

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  • Jun202017

    The Acoustic Dimension

    Studies on the Perception and Implementation of Landscape Acoustics

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  • Jun192017

    Flood Scapes

    Contemporary Landscape Strategies in Times of Climate Change

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  • Jan192017

    Elective Course FS2017 | The Labyrinth between Motif and Metaphor

    ▶ Auf Irrwegen

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