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  • Mar292016

    Elective Course FS2016 | Delta Dialogues

    ▶ Learning from Female Innovators in Art and Design

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  • Nov292015

    Elective Course HS2015 | Decomposing Röntgenplatz

    ▶ Investigating a new urban Landscape Proposal in Zurich

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  • Nov052015

    Exchange MediaLab – KIT (Kyoto Tec)

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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  • Oct292015

    Elective Course HS2015 | Serendipity | Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens

    ▶ Landscape Acoustics

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  • May292015

    Elective Course FS2015 | Serendipity | Ice Desert Switzerland

    Landscape Visuals

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  • Nov282014

    Elective Course HS2014 | Serendipity | Sound Check Around

    Re-composing Sonic Landscapes

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  • May282014

    Elective Course FS2014 | Serendipity | Tracking Public Space

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  • Mar282014

    Elective Course FS2014 | Topology | Landscape Acoustics

    ▶ Investigations in Acoustic Phenomena

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  • Oct282013

    Elective Course HS2013 | Serendipity | Urban Squares

    ▶ Serendipity Re-Discovered

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  • May282013

    Elective Course FS2013 | Landschaften der Moderne

    Nature Aesthetics from the 18th century to the present

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  • Mar282013

    Elective Course FS2013 | Landscape Element ‘Belvedere’

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Belvedere in the City

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  • Dec062012

    Elective Course HS2012 | Singapore Images of Territory

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Tree in the City

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