• Feb132019

    Design Studio FS2019 | The Dark Side of the Sihl

    A New Urban Beach and Promenade on the Sihl in Zurich Kreis 5

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  • Feb052019

    Elective Course FS2019 | Serendipity | Deflecting Landscapes

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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  • Jan292019

    Elective Course FS2019 | Topology | On Detours

    For once, we are not taking the most direct route in this elective.

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  • Jan192019

    Master’s Thesis Assistance FS 2019

    Master Arbeit | Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur

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  • Dec202018

    Design Studio HS2018 | Robotic Landscapes II

    Designing a Dynamic Alpine Landscape

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  • Dec122018


    • 19.12.2018 | Design Studio HS2018 | ETH Hönggerberg, HIB Open Space 2 | 09:00h – 18:00h

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  • Nov232018

    Mapping with Light

    Transformation of Landscape on the Jordan River Valley

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  • Oct172018

    Designing Water

    Professor Christophe Girot will convene to discuss and advance concepts of and strategies for designing water at the Designing Water Symposium, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, on October 17–18, 2018.

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  • Oct122018

    Landscape Record Club

    Vinyl listening sessions at the AudioVisual Lab (HIL H 40.5), Wednesdays 19:00

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  • Oct112018

    Seminar Week HS18 | Andalusian Shadows

    ▶ Architectural Landscapes between Light and Shade / 21. – 27. October 2018

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  • Sep282018

    Pamphlet 22 | Rift

    Views on the Jordan Valley 

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  • Sep252018

    Survey Bondo | Design Studio HS2018 | Robotic Landscapes II

    Val Bregaglia / 22. – 23. September 2018

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